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backup water-powered sump pump

Sump Pumps and Water-Powered Sump Pump Installation

Limited Time Special Offer:
Our replacement sump pump with check valve is just $420 installed.*

WaterPowered Sump PumpOr… add a water-powered backup sump pump to protect your basement even more!

What’s a backup water-powered sump pump?

Let All-Set Plumbing take care of adding an additional backup water-powered sump pump in your basement.

A water-powered sump pump has no battery (so you don’t have to worry about that battery failing), and there’s no electric plug to plug in or monitor. Water-powered means just that, the pump gets its power from the local water supply coming into your home. For each gallon of the water that is used, it pumps out 2 gallons.

Check Valve on Sump pump

Check Valve on Sump pump prevents water back flow.

This is designed as an automatic, and fully self-running system. Don’t let your basement get flooded by a sump pump failure or a power failure. Let All-set install a reliable water powered backup sump pump and rest assured, your basement is protected.

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* This offer valid on replacement sump pumps only.

How a water-powered Sump Pump works: